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Skip Beat! anime news

So, in case you haven't heard, Pied Piper (who previously released Time of EVE: The Movie) has licensed Skip Beat! for a North American DVD/Blu-ray release. (About bloody time, right?) This DVD will not only have the original Japanese w/subs version, but also an English dubbed version!

This is a crowdfunding effort, folks, so if you wish to contribute, see the link below.


As someone who's read the manga (which is like a gazillion volumes long and on-going) numerous times and watched the anime over on Crunchyroll a dozen or so times, I have to say that I am absolutely giddy about this news. I'm not really a crowdfunding fan, but I've wanted this anime to be dubbed and available on DVD for so long that I think I'll have to find the funds to join in the effort. Hopefully, my fellow Skip Beat! fans will also consider contributing to this project.

(FYI: Looks like the funding cycle ends on March 31st.)

Chomp! Chomp! 65-0

Congrats to my Gators for a great start to the season! 65-0 has a marvelous ring to it ... especially after last season. The offense certainly looks much improved (thanks Coach Roper) and the players appear far more energized than last year.

QB Jeff Driskel, who missed most of last season due to injury, looked cool and confident on the field. Happy to see him back! I hope he stays healthy this year. Backup QB Treon Harris went 2-for-2 for 148-freaking-yards. So glad he's our backup!

Unfortunately, the game wasn't all positive. Last season, the Gators were plagued with injuries to several key players(Jeff Driskel, Matt Jones, Jon Halapio, Andre Debose, Dominique Easley, etc.). Today, we lost TE Jake McGee (a transfer from Virginia) who will miss the rest of the season after breaking his leg early in the game. Coach Muschamp says he'll have surgery tonight (Saturday). Prayers for him. Starting left tackle D.J. Humphries was also injured during the game, reportedly chipping a bone in his ankle. He'll be out for two to three weeks, but will not need surgery. Hopefully this isn't a sign that we're going to be revisited by the injury bug this season. The Gators could really use a break.

Up next: Kentucky Wildcats, Sept. 13, 7:30 PM ET, SEC Network